Issue 11.4

Issue 11.4


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Tentative Space
Doug Jacquier. Camping.

The Little Dude
Hugh Behm-Steinberg. Watching.

Barbara Boyle. Waiting.

Ethan Kahana. Learning.

The Line
Marc Isaac Potter. Understanding.

Hugh Behm-Steinberg. Considering.

The Fish
Hugh Behm-Steinberg. Belonging.

Deep Sea
Phoebe Shaw. Angling.


Howie Good. Collage.

Cup Cuddle
Lauren Ari. Painting on dictionary pages.

Morning Resolutions
Lisa Kokin. Sculpture with sliced books.

Our Kind of Freedom
Lisa Kokin. Open book collage.

Alisa Golden. Textile with letterpress printed wood type.

Involucres Dress
Lauren Ari. Painting on dictionary pages.

Brave and Tender Burrowers
Lauren Ari. Painting on dictionary pages.

Girl in the water…The stars you dream about…
Irina Tall Novikova. Ink drawing.

You're Wrong if You Think Nothing Can Bug Me
Janine Muster. Collage.

Howie Good. Collage.

Richard Herring. Painting.

Ready to Fly
Richard Herring. Painting.

Hidden Gems

Wishing in July
Veronica Ashenhurst. In the moment.

My Cardiologist
April Krassner. Terms.

Surgeon on the Fault Line
Sarah Kobrinsky. Precariousness.

The Most Faithful Wife
Sarah Kobrinsky. Memory.

Who among us
Mykyta Ryzhykh. War.

Jeneva Stone. What the numbers mean.

Philip Glass
Harold Ackerman. Meditation.

Stillwater on the Deerfield River
David Ram. Where home is.

Painted Poems

One Day
Daniel Lehan.

The Creatures
Daniel Lehan.

She Tells Her Mother
Daniel Lehan.

Hello Mountains
Daniel Lehan.

Erasure/Found/Collage Poems

from Dormir, Dormirse, Morir
Lisa Kokin. Cutout text on book page image.

Flower Child
Jack Cariad Leon. Cutout text on collage image.

embellishments of evening
J.I. Kleinberg. Cutout text as collage poem.

I Remember
Alexey Deyneko. Cutout text on photograph. Source: Star 82 Review submissions guidelines.

Word + Image

Tiny Now
Daniel Lehan. Collage and text.

Daniel Lehan. Collage and text.

Tinkled the Bell
Daniel Lehan. Collage and text.

Story Group in the Park: Smart Refrigerator
Gregg Williard. Story and drawing.

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