collage of woman touching a little bell on the outside of a 
        			birdcage and another woman climbing a ladder up to the birdcage

Tinkled the Bell

her new world swayed gently. in the unfamiliar light. unfamiliar sounds. below.
le boulevard, les magasins, un parc, des voitures. et une église. ( these words she had learnt ) she glanced in the mirror. tinkled the bell. waited as monsieur. madame et les
enfants. chose her name. decided which of their favourite songs. they would teach her
to sing.

Daniel Lehan has lived in New York, Florence, Finland, and Quebec, and now lives in Dungeness, on the south coast of England, facing France. He delivers collage workshops to a wide range of participants including those in prison. His work, “Book Pages Destroyed By Typewriter,” is included in The New Concrete, Visual Poetry in the 21st Century, published by Hayward Publishing, 2015.

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