Issue 4.1

Issue 4.1



Andy Tu. Consequences for created characters.

Michael Shirzadian. Coping through art.

Phantom Bluegrass
Daniel W. Thompson. Living through music.

Elisa Jay. A father's dream.

Gen Del Raye. How do you measure toughness?

Andrea Lewis. Expectations and a meeting.

Here I Feel the Heartbeat of this Country
Amy Ward-Smith. A traveler feels at home.

Winston Churchill
Richard Jones. Aspirations.

Postcard Lit

Authorized Visitors
Nancy Jentsch. Signs in nature.

Sewing Lessons
Toti O'Brien. Connecting male and female.

Art Post

Lesley Patterson-Marx. House-shaped collage with prints.

Almost Blue
Shelton Walsmith. Oil painting of children.

Spirits Followed Him
Edgar Purviance. Digitally printed textile from collage.

What My Ghost Saw
Edgar Purviance. Mixed-media book.

Unmothered: She was taught from the cradle never to cry
Karen Apps. Altered book in book cradle.

Karen Apps. Handmade blouse with text.

Excerpts from Mourning/Warning
Tia Blassingame. The maritime alphabet, remade.

Devil's Tower Revisited
Thomas Wojak. A multilayered screenprint.

Erasure Text

R.L. Black. Source text: Shortcut to a Miracle, Michael C. Rann & Elizabeth Rann Arrott, 2005.

I Saw a New Earth
R.L. Black. Source text: Shortcut to a Miracle, Michael C. Rann & Elizabeth Rann Arrott, 2005.

Hidden Gems

Vern Fein. A different version of the fish that got away.

The Buoy Bell Always Tolls
William Cullen, Jr.. The shapes of things.

Things Thrown Away with My Mother's Living Room Carpet
Justin Rogers. A life in objects.

On the Sofa
Ellen Roberts Young. Nana's visit.

I Twitch
Madeline Nelkin. Eye contact.

All Brains and Thumbs
Nancy Jentsch. Comparisons.

1000 Feet Up
Tim Staley. Perspective.

Peanut Butter Stew
Makethe Kawinzi. Sustenance.

Titles of Poems I Wanted to Draft for National Poetry Writing Month, But Didn’t
Josette Torres. A conversation.

The Perforator
Sarah J. Sloat. Separation.

Scarlet Nails
Tricia Knoll. A mother-daughter relationship.

Pack of Lies
Jamie Sullivan. The truth about lies.

Alastair Johnston. The best journeys.

Pet milk
Alastair Johnston. The search.

This Birthday of García Lorca
Peggy Aylsworth. Birth, and death, too.

Geoffrey Anderson. Assumptions and acceptance.

February Thaw
Susan Gundlach. The slowness of a season.

Jill Crainshaw. A child preaches.

Something Holy
Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco. A simple image.

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