Issue 9.2

Issue 9.2


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A Perfect Day
David DeLange. A whale-watching trip goes awry.

Daniel Bailey. Thinking about adaptation and survival.

Superheroes in Underwear
Susan Hatters Friedman. Imagination as a superpower.

Frank X. Christmas. Straight or Gay?

Carol Barrett. Trout and balance.

Victoria Lewis. Ownership and survival in the Pacific Northwest.

The Hawk
Mare Berger. Therapy in the woods.


Saying Goodbye
Lia Mageira. Black and white photograph at the station.

Lia Mageira. Black and white photograph looking down the tracks.

Gull in Vosporus
Lia Mageira. Color photograph of a woman and flying gull.

Wild Horse
Larry Caveney. Brightly colored painting.

Lia Mageira. Color photograph over the water.

The Haight-Ashbury
Cara Goldstein. Comic.

The Pool
Cara Goldstein. Comic.

Windy Days
Lia Mageira. Color photograph at the edge of the water.

Hidden Gems

The Wide-Eyed Morning Sky: Westbound on the Amtrak California Zephyr
Gonzalo Adolfo. The changing landscape.

Gull in Transition
Martha Christina. In between.

Coleman Bomar. Becoming aware.

I, Wanderer
Michael G. Smith. In Iceland.

Babo Kamel. Beauty in a mistake.

dl mattila. A quick moment.

Sticky Notes
dl mattila. Marking a relationship.

The Dowry
Emalisa Rose. In the yard.

When We Were a Dandelion
Emalisa Rose. Two together.

Girls Who
Jane Rosenberg LaForge. From a distance.

Jane Rosenberg LaForge. A turning point.

Jessica Klimesh. A fight.

Aidan Coleman. Family.

B. Dixon. Lost and found.

Still Alive
Lorette C. Luzajic. At the Prado.

Word + Image

Larry Caveney and Rosemary Royston. The swing.

Matthew Schultz and J. Arthur Schultz. The heavens.

Was My Father
Mario Loprete. Concrete sculpture and statement.

Jam Master Johnny
Larry Caveney. Tribute.

Coping with Confinement
David Alan Webb. Company.

Place Responses

During these unprecedented times we have added a new themed section; the theme varies each issue. Each accepted contributor is asked if they would like to add a response piece or two in their own style and genre, in whatever way they are moved to do so. These are the accepted "place" pieces that were received by May 5, 2021.

The Red Victorian
Cara Goldstein.

Park Slope
Cara Goldstein.

(Re)Arranging Fragments
Matthew Schultz.

Place d'Armes
Rosemary Royston.

How Spring Arrives in New England
Martha Christina.

Where Living Is Easy
Babo Kamel.

The Rain Is Silent Until It Meets the Tent
Michael G. Smith.

What Can Be Out of the Ordinary
Michael G. Smith.

Wash Pan
Larry Caveney.

The Measure of Dandelions
Carol Barrett.

Where i go to grow wings
Emalisa Rose.

Royalty on the Verge
David DeLange.

The Cowboy Junkies and a Glass of Cabernet
Jessica Klimesh.

The Castro
Cara Goldstein.

Netarts Bay
Victoria Lewis.

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