Issue 9.1

Issue 9.1


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Running a "Gauntlet"
Bill Vernon. A story through vocabulary words.

Rehab Food
Alex Benke. A journey through recovery.

Thank You for Your Service
Greg Farnum. What happens after.

Absolute Zero
Michael Bishop. Through the telescopes.

Vali Hawkins Mitchell. The true meaning of the word.

Identity Theft
Jon Fain. A date and being seen.

Karen Greenbaum-Maya. Not that Karen.

Gypsy Taxi
Lindsey LeCroy. Encounters with a Russian cab driver.

How Do You Say "Hold the Fries" in Czech?
Renee C. Winter. The language of food.

Encounter in a Café
Paul Graseck. Sharing a table with a stranger.

Super Human
Nam Hoang Tran. Interpretation of a sign becomes a gift.

Butterflies and Moths
Star Su. A friend flutters.

Painting Lessons
Daniel Hudon. Creation in brushstrokes.

Jacob Schrodt. A father's teaching through the road.

Yash Seyedbagheri. Footfalls.


From the series Codex Devolution
Lia Roozendaal. Three photographs contemplating a resource.

Hidden Gems

Simona Carini. Relationship with the earth.

My Mother's Garden
Micki Blenkush. Slowing down time.

Insects, Flowers
Micki Blenkush. Ways of seeing.

Forest Fire
Miriam Sagan. Finding meaning.

M.C. Aster. Ethiopia's wet season.

For all that I am not
Jenna Heller. Deep living in each moment.

Like Owls
Ai Jiang. Connecting with pictures.

Rhienna Renée Guedry. Back from the store.

Expiration Date
Toshihisa Nikaido. Longing.

Deonte Osayande. Afterwards.

Deonte Osayande. Looking backward.

Word + Image

Anything Is Possible
Shantha J. Bunyan. Found poem on dive photograph.

You Planned for Revolution
Shantha J. Bunyan. Found poem on dive photograph.

Dreams Responses

During these unprecedented times we have added a new themed section; the theme varies each issue. Each accepted contributor is asked if they would like to add a response piece or two in their own style and genre, in whatever way they are moved to do so. These are the accepted "dream" pieces that were received by February 5, 2021.

Collaborative Assemblage
Micki Blenkush. Family dreams.

Rhienna Renée Guedry. A literal nightmare.

Keep only those things that speak to your heart
Jenna Heller. Dreams to keep and let go.

Planning Resolution
Toshihisa Nikaido. Musing on the new year.

Notturno and Glacier Grey
Simona Carini. A daydream away.

Before Mustaches
Yash Seyedbagheri. A young boy's daydream.

Little Fortunes
Nam Hoang Tran. Reflections on height.

Select Covid Dreams with Footnotes
Daniel Hudon. Comparing notes.

Last Regrets
Micki Blenkush. An anxious meal.

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