words pasted on photograph of undersea life that says you planned for
        			revolution because its your vision and it keeps expanding you can help
        			protect integrity always bring to life your solution aim for equality in 
        			a better world

You Planned for Revolution

Shantha J. Bunyan, a queer person of color, is a scuba dive master currently land-locked by circumstance in her native Colorado. A former surgical tech, she holds a BA in Neuroscience from Colorado College, but spent most of the past six years living abroad. When she can't be in the ocean, guiding scuba dives, she occasionally uses some of her rejected dive photos as backgrounds for found poetry she makes from various magazines and junk mailings. Her other poetry appears in DoveTales, an International Journal of the Arts: Resistance, published by Writing for Peace; 140Max Magazine; Indolent Books' What Rough Beast; and others. RandomPiecesofPeace.com 

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