Once, Forevers

I don’t have a job. I sit at a black table and write to-do lists and I read old letters lost friends wrote me. I wrote a book once, you know? It was about a Chicano boy who worked in the lettuce fields. My life: I used to live in the ponderosa pines and I now live in the desert under a savage sun. The sun tells me things about immortality and I found out by experience that love can last as long as the two people look at each other without worrying about the fallows in the fields of life.

Arturo Magaña lives in Somerton, a rural town in southwestern Arizona. He writes Mexican-American poetry. In the past, he wrote a non-fiction account about the lives of fishermen who live in Sonora, Mexico. He has worked as a middle school librarian, a researcher, and a literacy promoter.