Issue 5.4

Issue 5.4



Burning Day
Ray Scanlon. Reflections on a ritual.

Jud Widing. Yes or no?

Matt Dube. Missing someone.

Three Stories
Leah Browning. Connections at the courthouse.

To Pull Apart a Perforated Heart
L.L. Madrid. Navigating emotions.

Preference by L'Oréal
Brooke Middlebrook. Dating.

Getting It
Vincent Barry. The relationship talks.

Old School
Cristina Bresser de Campos. Phased out.

The Trees Are They Green
Terek Hopkins. Distraction and loss.

Math Problem
Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar. Dealing with a cousin.

Word + Image

A Path Appears
Bud Gibbons & Denny Kolakowski. Painting and poem.


Metropolis 6
Jette Clover. Urban art quilt.

Words 5
Jette Clover. Urban art quilt.

Exploring Protest 4
Noga Wizansky. Mixed-media drawing.

Carole Jeung. Oil painting.

Urban Jungle
Albert Zhang. Painting.

Lost Archive
Fabio Sassi. Photograph.

Ana Jovanovska. Woodcut print.

Speak Up
Ana Jovanovska. Lithograph.

New Neighbors, Next Window
Cristina Bresser de Campos. Photograph.

Darin Wahl. Photograph.

Erasure Text

My First Solo
Joy Merritt Krystosek. Source: Circling the Sun by Paula McClain.

Hidden Gems

(Purple and Green)
Cleary Mallard. A moment.

Clarence Wolfshohl. Assumptions and rescue.

White Skin
Alex Ewing. Under the surface.

Geoff Anderson. Family memories in objects.

My Friesian Calf
Anne Walsh Donnelly. A birth.

The Whole Goddamn Thing
Howie Good. A world of confusion.

Once, Forevers
Arturo Magaña. A lull in time.

Jasper Wirtshafter. Watching an old couple.

New School
Sidney Wollmuth. Musing during a fire drill.

Earthquake Kits
Nicolette Daskalakis. Not just the usual.

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