Issue 5.3

Issue 5.3



The Lamp
Erin Leigh. Between lost and found.

As I Brew My Morning Coffee
Claudine Nash. A child asks existential questions.

Coyote Nights
Stephen Barber. Between dusk and dawn.

Erica Lemley. A place at the table.

Compass Rose in San Francisco
Rebecca Landau. On a walk.

Deceptive Things
Rebecca Brill. Assumptions and viewpoints.

Dinosaur Boy
Lanny Durbin. Taking a detour.

Dorian Fox. Beyond control.

Some Sort of Apology
Jennifer Fliss. Penitence.

Art Post

Expecting Rain with Apologies to Bob Dylan
William C. Crawford. Photograph.

White Wall 1
Jette Clover. Urban art quilt.

The Picnic Table
Simona Carini. Photograph.

P.S. 2
Carole Jeung. Oil painting.

P.S. 3
Carole Jeung. Oil painting.

She Remembers Only the Sound of Falling Leaves
Phil Gallos. Photograph.

Wonton Takes Flight
Phil Gallos. Photograph.

Erasure Text

Colette Love Hilliard. Source: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (175).

Colette Love Hilliard. Source: Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones (222).

Hidden Gems

The day you are married
Rodd Whelpley. An understanding between a couple.

Cash Me Outside
Rodd Whelpley. A shared moment between father and son.

Two Kinds of Day
Ann Marie Gamble. Between damp and wet near Lake Michigan.

Hannah Silvers. Memories.

As the Coal Cries
Ricky Ray. Characters in the earth.

Roy White. Vignettes about hearing.

mea-sure 183
Ray Malone. Departure.

Nov. 25
M. Rather, Jr. Disruption.

Meeting the boy who broke my little brother's heart
Hannah Silvers. Disturbance.

Hannah Silvers. Strong women and memories.

when he tells me that he loves me, i can't remember where i put my jacket
Tanya Singh. Finding the right words.

portrait of "i don't know"
Tanya Singh. Exploring meaning.

Wordsworth's Barn
Richard Jones. Shadowing the poet.

You Do
Mary McBeth. The difference.

Claire S. Lee. Reading a face.

The Echo
Nate Maxson. Looking back and forward.

Natasha Burge. Waiting for the missiles to cease.

2000//Ras Tanura
Natasha Burge. Searching for respite in Saudi Arabia.

A Few Small Clarifications
Pamela Miller. Seeing at night.

Youth with Theremin
Joe Hess. On war.

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