more texan

a london in canada. a manchester in new hampshire. a naples in florida. a memphis in egypt. a perth in australia.

how much. and how often. do inhabitants of these places think of the same named faraway place. are they curious. do they ever want to visit that other place. do they ever compare their lives with those living there. or imagine their life in that place. and how different that would be. would someone in paris. france. now living in paris. texas. become. more texan.

and how about those living in arkansas california kentucky missouri nebraska oregon pennsylvania texas and west virginia. all those living in a place. named venus.

Daniel Lehan has lived in New York, Florence, Finland, and Quebec, and now lives in Dungeness, on the south coast of England, facing France. He delivers collage workshops to a wide range of participants including those in prison. His work, “Book Pages Destroyed By Typewriter,” is included in The New Concrete, Visual Poetry in the 21st Century, published by Hayward Publishing, 2015.

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