Issue 1.4 Cover

Issue 1.4



A Puritan Boy at the Fire Line
Cal Freeman. An irony in the fire.

George Dila. Friendship and vehicle ownership.

Eating Fells Point
Tina Vivian. Colorful meals on New Year's Eve.

Dream in My Parents' Old Donut Shop
Eric Tran. A man is still a boy to his father.

Amina Aineb. A young girl ponders a power outage and time.

The Irish Girl
Allan M. Jalon. A dying mother, books, war and a kind stranger.

Anthony Santulli. An awkward adventure in the snow.

Art Post

Ron Nath. Photographs of images become letters and spell the word.

Without Fail
Shelton Walsmith. Watercolor.

Luz Marina Ruiz. Multilayered print.

Celeste Maia. A dark page opening from a pop-up book.

Wild & Gaudy
Belinda Chlouber. Painted and collaged.

Celeste Maia. A painting and page from a carousel book.

If Chagall Was Dutch
Stephen Mead. Layered photograph.

The Huddlers
Shelton Walsmith. Drawn, collaged and painted.

Ron Nath. Photographs of images become letters and spell the word.

Dancer on the Horizon
Meeah Williams. Collaged and painted.

Ron Nath. Photographs of images become letters and spell the word.

Hidden Gems

Lonely Wolf and the City
Ha Kiet Chau. Weaving memory threads on a walk through San Francisco.

Lessons in Queens
Su Cho. An immigrant family and their gains and losses.

Cassandra-Halleh Delaney. Learning while teaching.

Winter Archaeology
Susan Gundlach. Snow reveals and conceals.

Claire Aviles. Comparisons.

Matthew Antonio. Seeking comfort.

Shadows in the house of lights
Stanley M. Noah. Mysterious house and a stranger.

Back Sight
Rosemary Royston. Land and ownership.

Raul Palma. Family memories and cultural questions.

The Shape of Love
Rosemary Royston. A little girl unwittingly becomes a sister.

The Gematria of Five Sisters
Charles Rammelkamp. A rabbi misunderstands.

Weather Premiums
Miles Stearns. Ownership, class distinctions and snow.

Blue Heron
Connolly Ryan. Graceful observations.

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