Weather Premiums

There is snowfall on the Healdsburg mountains. You can see it briefly while driving north on highway 101 amongst the low clouds and stretching towns. It's good snow. You know this because you have to be rich to go see it, so you know it's of high quality.

It's not like they cordoned it off or anything; it's just that it fell last night and to see it you'd have to go during the day, but it's a weekday so you can only go if you can afford to miss work. Not many can afford to miss work. Not in these times. And not even for the finest quality snow in all the county.

Miles Stearns is a twenty-something writer from San Francisco, CA. He writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction and essays. He is currently in Oklahoma and often wonders why that is the case. Find him at www.milesstearns.com