Invisible Companions

…i’m watching peter from inside the church on newbury st. the old, snow stained windows distort his frame, blurring his physical boundaries with the sidewalks, the storefronts, the parked cars – the city at-large that surrounds him. he’s lighting up a cigarette before he comes in – always does – a few drags to calm the nerves, smoke rising into the air and twisting like sanity. he’s talking to someone i can’t see. pacing back and forth, gesturing with his hands. he picks up his head up every few seconds to look his invisible companion in the eye, as if to make sure they’re still there. that they’re still listening…

church bells ring
calling forth the faithful –
little white pills

B. Dixon is an emerging writer and licensed counselor living in Salem, MA. His writing has been published in J Journal, Boston Literary Magazine, Buddhist Poetry Review, Star 82 Review, and Unbroken Journal and will be featured in an upcoming issue of Main Street Rag. His micro-chapbook, Insomnia,> was recently published by the Origami Poems Project and can be downloaded on their website.

You can see more of his work in 9.4 and 9.2 and 8.3

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