Bucket Head Zid

Everybody loved Uncle Zid. I know I sure did. He was hilarious, always with a joke. Like in the summer when he’d drive around in his old convertible dressed like Santa, blowing the horn and waving. He’d call the radio station and in a funny voice ask what day Cinco de Mayo was on this year (and the DJ would throw the question out to the listeners!). He was serious as can be though when he’d call in and insist they play the Tuna Fish Polka during Lent.

What a guy, my Uncle Zid.

Grandma GiGi says he’s got an ice cream route on Mars now. He rings his bell as he pedals along through those tunnels. She says the kids love him, and he’s making good money. But then again, could be he’s back in prison.

Doug Mathewson has been writing short fiction for a number of years. His work has appeared in journals and anthologies both here and abroad. Some of these include Bartleby Snopes, Chicago Literati, Cloud City Press, Resurrection of a Sunflower, and Dog Plotz. More of his work can be found at www.little2say.org. He is the Editor of Blink-Ink www.blink-ink.org a journal of 50 word fiction now in its second decade of publication.

You can see more of his work in 6.1

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