Nitrogen Cycle

There is a darkness in the woods, but that isn’t the threat. The threat is the woodcutter making his rounds in the forest, axe ready to cut down a wolf or a great oak tree with its serrated leaves.

Sawdust, then pulp, then flame. A chemical treatment as a finishing touch. I never liked the college ruled pages, the lines too close for comfort. Nor do I like the grids, woven together so tightly not even the solstice can penetrate. I prefer the hollow lanes worn down over the centuries by humans, horses. Certainly deer. The trees closing in on either side, whispering their surreptitious rules: which brush goes where, what shade it offers, where a carcass should nourish the earth, a shot to give the woodcutter’s limbs one final push into the canopy.

A New Yorker now based in Maryland, Kimberly Go has started publishing again after a decade-long hiatus. Her poems appeared in elimae and Word Riot a long time ago. When she isn’t working in public health or drafting constrained fiction, she contributes list articles about pop culture to Screen Rant and The Gamer.

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