World View

“I see it like a kind of globe you spin,” he says. “It has small pictures of disasters all over it. Also little stickers that show the typical means of production and exports for places. There’s so much on the ball because of time that most of the blue isn’t even blue anymore, it’s kind of silver.”

The guy comes over, and they order the soy chorizo burrito.

“I see crowds,” she says. “People on the move, all different kinds of people, or they are standing somewhere yelling about something. Then there are the animals, but they always seem like they’re on a whole different planet where only remote cams are allowed.”

“Anthropology?” he asks.

“No. English.”

“Me too!” he says.

Daryl Scroggins lives in Marfa, Texas. He is the author of This Is Not the Way We Came In, a collection of flash fiction and a flash novel (Ravenna Press). One of his fictions has been included in Best Microfiction 2020.

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