Sweet Dreams

…we approach with soft steps, shooing the cluster of crooked pigeons gathering by his feet. he’s on his side. sir? nothing. sir? nothing. sharp city winds run the length of the alley. winter bleeds into spring. he shivers. thank god. though signs of life are also signs of death. another blanket we give to tuck him in. i wish him dreams sweeter than his sleep…

drowning sorrows –
gravity claims
another victim

B. Dixon is an emerging poet whose writing draws on his study of Zen Buddhist philosophy and his work with those experiencing homelessness in Boston, MA. His writing has been printed in Frogpond Journal, Right Hand Pointing, Unbroken Journal, Under the Basho and Akitsu Quarterly, among others. B. Dixon has also contributed articles to the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy’s Quarterly Journal, Cushion and Couch.