Issue 8.2

Issue 8.2



Forty Cents Worth of a Story
Benjamin Davis. An unsolicited story from a stranger.

Blue-Raspberry Jell-O®
Erin Jamieson. Taking mother to the store.

Plastic Loss
Yash Seyedbagheri. Mother and son.

Baby Steps
Yash Seyedbagheri. Growing up.

Nobody's Listening, Nobody Cares
Yash Seyedbagheri. At the piano.

Fish Kills
Emily Weber. A father and a Bible.

Cutting It
Daniel Bailey. Memory and the present mingle.

Jan Bartelli. Childhood accordion-playing.

Robert Keal. Reflections on a feather.


Oormila Vijayakrishnanan Prahlad. Painting.

Oormila Vijayakrishnanan Prahlad. Mixed-media: collage and painting.

David Johnson. Watercolor painting.

Hidden Gems

Mandira Pattnaik. Granny and her garden.

Cinder 2
Ray Malone. A lyrical moment.

earl grey tea
Andrea Byrd. A haiku.

Face Cards
Martha Christina. Cards as a mirror.

The roof of the world
Hsien Min Toh. Imagining place.

broken egg
Andrea Byrd. A haiku.

Never Link the Computers
James McAdams. Nature and technology.

Carol Barrett. Points of view.

Deonte Osayande. Belief and time.

Inside this oak
Simon Perchik. A gesture.

Inside this monument
Simon Perchik. A fleeting moment.

purple buds
Andrea Byrd. A haiku.

You are always
Simon Perchik. A presence.

Word + Image

John L. Stanizzi. From a series of acrostic poems.

Not Like Oz
Jamie Alliotts. Freedom and time.

Shelter-in-Place Responses

This is our first issue released after the shelter-in-place order went into effect. During these unprecedented times we have a new section. Each accepted contributor was asked if they would like to add a response piece in their own style and genre, in whatever way they were moved to do so. These are the pieces received by May 1, 2020.

In the dark, I hear my history
Erin Jamieson. Out at night.

Lost in Isolation
Benjamin Davis. Timeline.

Widow, Filling Time
Martha Christina. Vastness.

Among Neighbors
Martha Christina. Approaching.

Oormila Vijayakrishnanan Prahlad. Collage.

Evolution under conditions of isolation
Hsien Min Toh. Speculating change.

Andrea Byrd. A place as a being.

Caravans no longer come through the valley
Mandira Pattnaik. Inner and outer landscape.

Deonte Osayande. Reaching out.

Glass Hug
Yash Seyedbagheri. Trying to communicate.

Stay home
John Zheng. A photoku.

John Zheng. A photoku.

Shelter in Place
Jan Bartelli. Unintended results.

Orion's Mask
David Johnson. Watercolor painting.

Sometimes at Night
Daniel Bailey. Overshadowed at play.

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