The Crane Brothers in Late Afternoon

“You can’t sit around and watch Frasier all day if you want to stop being depressed,” a friend advises me. “You want to bet?” I answer—silently, of course, I would never dream of offending a friend. The sanitized version of “Double Ringers,” two psychiatrist brothers who are just as bad at love as the rest of us—in one episode, the younger brother inadvertently tosses a whole pot of cooked pasta into a burning hole in his couch, and every time I see the episode, I think, “Mmm, pasta.” Who can feel depressed when you know that the guardians of our collective mental health live their lives like that?

Liz DeGregorio is a writer and editor living in New York City. Her work has been published in BUST Magazine, and she has several poems coming out in (I)ndie Blue’s new anthology.

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