Chapel of the Holy Cross

In Arizona, there’s a chapel built on the side of a cliff. They needed special permissions to build it. Now, people come from far away just to light candles in a Frank Lloyd Wright church.

My mother dragged me there. I’d been to Arizona plenty of times, so I texted while she drove. She never mentioned that it was the view on the way there, a huge pane of glass divided by two beams to form a cross, that made it worth the trek.

I only saw it on the way back, after I’d pieced together the image from items in the gift shop. I took pictures through the car window, but it wasn’t the same. I’d missed that first look from far away, tinted with anticipation. I only got the wistful final glance.

Margaret Madole is a student from Connecticut. She has been known to act and dance, and occasionally to travel. She has been published in Parallax Online Literary Journal.

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