Issue 7.1

Issue 7.1



Repercussions of Drumming
Thad DeVassie. Rhythms of life and war.

Face Rocks
Ron. Lavalette. An essay of connections and collections.

My House Painter
Michelle Geoga. An essay celebrating the workers behind the house remodel.

Ann Calandro. Hope for change.

Campsis Hearts
Olivia Germann. Balance.

Foretelling Doom
Elancharan Gunasekaran. Futuristic fortunetelling.

Community Policing
Elancharan Gunasekaran. Futuristic crime.

Mama Entertained No Liars
Herbert Woodward Martin. Tuned to the truth.

A True Story
Chelsea Humphries. Parental love.

Timbrel Flowers
Yoram Naslavsky. A search for meaning.

The Love of Geometry
John Van Kirk. An essay about the beauty of numbers.

Orange Beauty
Frances An. If only to help.

Retail Therapy: Handle with Care
Erana Leiken. An essay touching on the intimacy with strangers.


Michael Thompson. Monoprint.

Sweden #1
David Johnson. Watercolor painting.

Phoebe Thomson. Comic.

Crying Brown Pelican
David Johnson. Watercolor.

No. 3
Michael Thompson. Monoprint.

Synchronized Lights
Jessica Dunne. Oil painting.

Two Figures
Michael Thompson. Monotype.

Danse Macabre
Michael Thompson. Monoprint.

Lenox Street
Jessica Dunne. Oil painting.

Return to Work Form
Phoebe Thomson. Comic.

David Johnson. Watercolor.


David Koehn and Rebecca Resinski. Collaborative six-word poem.

Hidden Gems

Swap Meet
Nicholas Yingling. The rhythm of time.

Still, it's gone
Simon Perchik. The candle burns.

Simona Carini. Celebrating beauty.

Planet Nine
Howie Good. Lost and found.

Dark Matter
Nicholas Yingling. A moment while the fire burns.

If there were need for a story
Ray Liversidge. A book signing.

Plane after plane
Simon Perchik. Landing.

Word + Image

The Newfoundland Fisherman
Richard Leblond. The place becomes the person.

Travel 4
Anne Hicks Siberell. Collage with falcon postcard and ticket.

Travel 15
Anne Hicks Siberell. Collage with blue envelope and veiled woman.

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