Frosted Palm

Claes Oldenburg made the giant spoon
with a cherry on its lip that sits across the pond
in Minnesota, which I sit upon

as though it would be a great catapult
and we would offer such fiberglass cherries
to the gods. More space junk.

In Florida, the freak winter storm
begs the answer: what does the snow
look like on a palm tree?

Environmental art. Each frond
a frosty white ostrich feather.
And somebody, Claes perhaps,
placed the duster upright
ready to tickle the blue sky.

Jaimee Hills is the author of How to Avoid Speaking which won the Anthony Hecht Poetry prize and was published by Waywiser Press in 2015. Her work has appeared in Mezzo Cammin, Best New Poets, Mississippi Review, Blackbird, and elsewhere. She lives and writes in Milwaukee, WI.  

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