Issue 5.1

Issue 5.1



Rogue Walls
Ajay Patri. Slippage.

What's the Difference
Steve Colori. Perceptions of normal.

I Sailed
Natalie Campisi. A lifetime of experiences.

Chris Wu. Stereotypes in the garden.

Second Chance
Ray Scanlon. Quest to capture meaning and a recipe.

Recipe for an American Parent
E. Laura Golberg. Immigrant to immigrant.

How to Bake a Heart
Christina Dalcher. Shaping a connection.

Heart-shaped Box of Chocolates
Jeffrey Jullich. Doors and love.

Anna Lewis. From a body.

True and Valid
AJ Atwater. The fruit vendor.

Postcard Lit

Nil Desperandum
Anthony Sandy. Hope for the future.

The Failure of Medicine
Carrie Foulkes. Pain of memory.

The Bench
Simona Carini. Rest for the immigrants.

kimchi of here
Grace Hwang. Acceptance through food.

The Presence
Sanchita Chatterjee. Sustenance for the soul.

Art Post

Kay Bradner. Oil painting on aluminum.

Fitted Sheets
Kay Bradner. Oil painting on aluminum.

Radioactive Man
Robert Del Tredici. Photograph.

a child tipping a table over, his mother rushing to help
José Guadalupe Posada. Ca. 1890-1910 metal-plate engraving.

Erasure Text

Arles Winter
Jayne Guertin. From: letters of van Gogh.

Hidden Gems

An Openness
Tom Montag. A breath gives sustenance.

Ecologists Report Less Birds on Phone Lines
William Cullen, Jr. Telling our stories.

Killing Time
Devon Balwit. Taking stock.

Aunt Sad
Merridawn Duckler. Mixed emotions.

Rebecca Landau. Identifying a park.

Shunmel Syau. Identity through the senses.

Taken by Surprise
Ame Gilbert. Connecting through food.

Over the Sink
José Angel Araguz. Meaning in metaphor.

At the Table
José Angel Araguz. Sustenance through story and breath.

José Angel Araguz. Exchange.

Her Funeral
Rebecca Oet. Emotions and artifacts.

Art Guard #2
Merridawn Duckler. After the museum closes.

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