Issue 4.2

Issue 4.2



Missing Bud's Sister's Wedding
Catherine A. Brereton. What the neighbors think.

Wedding Cake
Julie Chen. Excerpt from artist's book Bitter Chocolate.

How Far South?
LaRue Cook. Flying together.

Rudy Koshar. Wrecked cars and memories.

The Kindness of Strangers
Ron. Lavalette. A man takes care of his mother.

I Don't Share My Grandfather's Love for Mathematics
Jonathan Gallardo. Life's equations.

Lost Dogs
Jane-Rebecca Cannarella. Wishful thinking.

Hermine Robinson. Socks and lions.

Benito Juarez Road
Rowan Johnson. On the border.

Birds that Never See the Sky
Cathy Ulrich. A certain kind of attention.

The Autism Card
Tabitha Pearson. A situation.

Ash Wednesday
Marilyn Morgan. A surprising observance in the ladies' room.

We're Both on Roller Skates
L. Soviero. Freedom on wheels.

Postcard Lit

Sanchita Chatterjee. Appearance or delight?

The Divorced House
Simona Carini. Two distinctive parts to a whole.

Red Tomato
Anne Hicks Siberell. A vacation memory.

The King Drowns
Zea Morvitz. From her artist's book, An Alchemical Emblem Book.

Art Post

All Seeing Gaze
Robert Del Tredici. Photograph.

and then she made…
Nancy Neymark. Sculptural hands.

Grace on Tap
Yanick Cadieux. Photograph.

Natural History 2
Zea Morvitz. Drawings on book pages.

Earth Mom
Robert Del Tredici. Photograph.

Hidden Gems

Cleaning out the bedside drawer
Casey FitzSimons. Misremembering.

Brackish-water Crab
Nancy Jo Cegla. Comparison.

Egon Schiele's Lovers
Lois Marie Harrod. Intimacy.

A Dinner Bell in the Wind
William Cullen, Jr. Following a path.

Missent Mails
Liang Yujing. Letters gone awry.

Terry Allen. A moment with a father.

We Will All, Each of Us, Live Forever
Dylan Macdonald. Interpreting a painting.

Barefooted in the Snow
James Treat. Found poem gleaned from 1937-38 interviews with Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens.

Free and Open Country
James Treat. Found poem gleaned from 1937-38 interviews with Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens.

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