This Time I Know It's For Real

We like Donna Summer in the morning with
some weed on the porch. We like no seeds, hot coffee
pouring like the Nile. For a while,
we liked collard greens
but now they’re hard to find. We alpine-
stretch our hands up high and breathe our favorite air.
There are worms beneath the grass. A pale couple
passes us and picks up their puckered pace. We daisy-
dig our toes in deeper through the blades
and the worms in the dirt. We stretch
our fingers towards the sun
and pretend that we’re not hurt.

Mica Evans is a recent graduate of Bennington College, where they had the pleasure of studying with Michael Dumanis, Mark Wunderlich, Monica Youn, and Alex Dimitrov. They are participating in the Bennington Writing Fellowship, Skidmore Writer’s Institute, and Ashbery Home School, and their work has been published in Cleaver Magazine, Academy of American Poets website, and The SILO.