Word Problem:
Jeremy's Socks

Jeremy has 3 blue socks, 4 purple socks, and 1 yellow sock. Mama Cat had four black kittens. Jeremy needs black pants, 2 black socks, and a white shirt for the choir performance. Getting dressed, he finds 2 kittens in his sock drawer. Did the duck hide Jeremy’s black socks?

Carole Stedronsky is a writer and artist who lives in Davis, California with her husband and service dog Hazel. Her poetry chapbook Wolfdream won the Anabiosis Press chapbook contest. Carole is currently working on a children’s picturebook, You Are the Artist, to be published by Reflection Press, and a memoir, Dear Sally, in the form of poem-letters to her therapist, chronicling a bittersweet story of survival of severe child abuse and a journey of healing.

You can see more of her work in 50/50