Issue 2.4 Cover

Issue 2.4



Train Call
Merrill Sunderland. Pennies on the track.

José Angel Araguz. Identity through fingernails.

José Angel Araguz. Identity through color names.

Underneath the Costume
Ryan Tahmaseb. Identity through appearances.

Summer's Last Green
Jean Kim. Parents and golf.

On the Post-Apocalyptic
Hugh Behm-Steinberg. Reflection and reflexivity.

Like a Dog Smelling Storms
Dan Micklethwaite. A view out the car window.

One Thousand Beats of a Hummingbird's Heart
Kasra Omid-Zohoor. A discovery.

Jarrett/Eau Claire
Eldon Reishus. A concert effort.

Art Post

Main Beach
Jim Hair. Photograph and accessibility.

Final Warning
David Fullarton. Drawing and collage.

A Picture Worth…
A.D. Hurley. Photograph of words in the woods.

Alastair Johnston. Collage created in 1985 from found materials in France.

Shelton Walsmith. Oil painting of toys and shadows.

Man's, Man's, Man's World
David Fullarton. Drawing and collage.

From Building to Man
Tobias Oggenfuss. Photograph of the world through his own lens.

Lisa Kokin. A textile piece in which zippers hint at words.

352. behavioral plasticity
Daniel Levin Becker. Photograph of a textured surface, titled with word pairs.

616. petrified genitive
Daniel Levin Becker. Photograph of a textured surface, titled with word pairs.

Hidden Gems

Child to Child
Tendai Rinos Mwanaka. Continuity.

New Spain, Old California
Coco Owen. Home and/or paradise.

Revising Thoreau
Howie Good. The edge of nature.

Francine Conley. The push and pull of truth.

Scott's Creek Camp, August 8
David Stallings. A search for solace.

The last time we drove out to the lake
Kevin Casey. Memory and change.

Diamondback Tales
Kathryn Paulsen. Caution, snakes here.

Cut Out
Emily Spencer. Focus and awe.

The Known Universe
Wendy Taylor Carlisle. Viewpoints.

Be Specific
Francine Conley. Call it "pomegranate."

Stephen Okawa. The photographer vs. the photographed.

Jonathan Travelstead. Aiming at meaning.

11 Months in London
Tony Walton. Reconciling past and present.

Time Tock
Judith Roney. Ticking through metaphors.

Winter Villanelle: At Twilight
Susan Gundlach. A landscape.

Earthquakes Defined
Luke Warm Water. A daughter knows.

The Emperor of Yen
Frank De Canio. Too late.

Lynne Viti. Flowers and people.

Indian Bars
Luke Warm Water. A moment, caught.

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