No Tolerance for Tardiness

Alice has been rather rude. I know that she is only a child, and a child in a hurry at that, but I still do not think it is too much to ask a tornado – even in full bloom – to stop for a while, and clean up after itself. Now here I am, sitting at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Facing the wrong way, to add insult to injury. No, I don’t want to look at the chessboard. My eyes reject the shades of purple that Van Gogh would have fainted at. I shall not faint, dear caterpillar, don’t you worry. I shall simply get up and brush you off. Yes, there you go, sorry to disturb you. I assure you, it was not intentional. I am polite. I clean up after myself. And I promise you that I will come back and bring you a new leaf, to replace the one I crushed. But now, I really have to go. I am late for tea, and Queen Victoria does not like to wait.

Robin Kathaas is a Belgian writer who now lives, loves, and laughs in the UK. She has reluctantly created an Instagram at @robin.kathaas. She dislikes writing bios and has a cat named Orlando, who is a far more interesting creature than she is.

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