Dreams Are Lavish Thieves

Nepal / one November

hoards of motorcyclists
speed and weave
through walkers’ alleys
for the brief high
of open space
nothing dismissive here
to stand aside
and hold the middle way

timeless / teenage
maroon-robed monks play /
the beautiful game / they can’t avoid

walking kora at the stupa
again a Tibetan asks me
to marry her daughter

lopsided sidewalks /
street dogs do / not /
think / how / to weave

day after day at the café
caffeinated monks watching movies
on their smart phones
confuse me

Michael G. Smith, Bozeman, MT, is a chemist. His poetry has been published in many literary journals. His books include No Small Things and Flip Flop, a collection of haiku co-written with Miriam Sagan. He volunteers at the local food bank and at a school in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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