Youthful Experimentation

Canned spinach for lunch –
I imagine it came from a #10 can,
was boiled, salted, and aged
in a warehouse. Moist but not
exactly slimy, grayish dark
green with lighter green stems;
ladled by the cafeteria ladies,
and hated by most second-graders.
I loved it, and so did Charles Spencer.
Greenery-besotted seven-year-olds,
we kissed one day over spinach
seasoned perhaps with a soupçon
of mischief, and made the ladies

Kali Lightfoot lives in Salem, MA. Her poems have been featured in Lavender Review and Poetry South, Her debut poetry collection, Pelted by Flowers, published by CavanKerry Press, was chosen Best Dressed for March 2022, by Sundress Publications. Kali earned an MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. kali-lightfoot.com

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