Issue 10.1

Issue 10.1


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The Real Deal
Chris Bullard. Consequences of sleep donation.

Child in Need of Services
Amanda Skofstad. Abilities only go so far.

Seasons of the Ear
Amy Marques. Pronouncements.

Morning Glory
Maggie Harrison. Coffee and memory.

Beginning of the End of the Dream Job
Jenny-Lynn Ellis. How a mind changes.

Perfecting Puzzles
Ruth Ticktin. Family traits.

The Big Reveal
Todd Mercer. Solving the mystery.


For this special issue, all the artists are affiliated with NIAD (Nurturing Independence through Artistic Development) and, although most works are untitled, here they are titled with their medium.

mixed media on canvas
Shantae Robinson.

Karen May.

linocut on handmade paper
Erika Martinez.

mixed media on paper
Shana Harper.

embroidered collage on paper
Alice Sampson.

Julio Del Rio.

ink and graphite on paper
Jeremy Burleson.

charcoal on paper
Jon Fukui.

ink on colored paper
Sara Malpass.

"words" glazed ceramic
Sara Malpass.

india ink on paper
Serena Scott.

acrylic on paper
Susan Wise.

Hidden Gems

Regression Progression
David A. Goodrum. Hindsight.

Lily Beaumont. Occasional roles.

On Reading The Secret Garden
Martha Christina. A potential key.

Mary Cassatt's In the Loge
Amelia Akiko Frank. What we see.

Emery Board
Julie Allyn Johnson. Object metaphor.

Aquatic Ape Theory
Lily Beaumont. Adaptation.

Water Finds a Way
Jenna Heller. Rivers of time.

Warm Water
Amelia Akiko Frank. Connections.

Barbara Westwood Diehl. A postcard.

Margaret Lloyd. Divining the moment.

Spring I.
Gloria Frym. Season of a myth.

Spring II.
Gloria Frym. Unexpected.

Let the Wind Have the Ashes
Bradley Samore. Thinking back.

The World Is Named After Turtles
Kathleen Hellen. A race.

Seminole Canyon
Jenna Heller. Hike and awe.

Stout Grove
Marc Janssen. The ancient one.

Brewing Chai
Nancy Scott. Practice.

Waiting for Discovery
David A. Goodrum. Between dreams.

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