New Christian School

At a community drive for “New Christian School,” I wondered if this generic name implied a fundamentalist philosophy, or a more ecumenical approach open to all adherents. I was on the verge of posing this question to a young man in front handing out pamphlets but instead walked around back, where a woman was lettering a sign reading, “Principle of the Board.” I pointed out to her politely that she perhaps meant “principal” (assuming she was trying to avoid the sexism of “chairman”), but surprisingly, she became defensive, saying she knew how to spell the word correctly and had spell-checked it. I thought, This place has already failed the humility test.

M. V. Montgomery is a professor at Life University in Atlanta. He is the author, most recently, of the short story collection, Beyond the Pale (Winter Goose Publishing, 2013). His blog is mvmontgomery.wordpress.com