Perfecting Puzzles

My grandmother solved crossword puzzles in her third language; my mother in her second language. English is my first language yet I fail. My excuse is a haunting 60-year-old note from my third-grade teacher’s report card: “does not like following directions.”

Early mornings, I try, cheat, then yell, “I finished.”

Ruth Ticktin has coordinated programs, advised, taught ESL & writing around Washington DC since 1977. Inspired by sharing stories, she’s author of Was Am Going, Recollections in Poetry & Flash (NewBayBooks 1/2022), coauthor of What's Ahead? (ProLinguaAssoc. 2013), coeditor of Psalms (PoeticaPublishing 2020) and contributor to BendingGenres Anthology (2018-19) and Art in Covid-19 (SanFedelePress) WWPHWrites #4.

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